Monday, June 26, 2017

Paleo Prophet

The unmuffled internal combustion engine

forewarns our demise;

hated to say this, but how can we avoid

the implications? An unwitting clarion,

celebrating the unchecked universal appetite

as it powers the fragile steel skin

that emboldens with its roaring illusion of invulnerability

the puny hominid on the upholstered seat within,

perched amid the stink and detritus

of cheap forgettable delights.

We are insatiable,

consuming with gusto the stuff of fantasy,

pleasant poisons in pleasing disguises,

growing fat, sassy, sick and unrepentant, overladen,

fooling ourselves with easy aphorisms,

that belittle with cheap irony niggling doubt,

and fairly staunch malignant dread;

the billboard smirk says live for today

and whatever gets you through the night,

for tomorrow...well, tomorrow

might never come.

Denial is getting harder and harder,

the sarcasm harsher, brittler;

realistic hope is fraying on the rasp of inevitability;

the tragic lovers ride their hell-bound bucket with glee,

while the stubborn gather kindred souls

to join their Arcadian dream.

                                                                       -- m.d. paust

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