Thursday, April 2, 2020

My Bedroom's Still Old Normal

The nighttime routine chest congestion,
I'm presuming from allergies,
is the camel's nose of worry under the tent.

But sleep routinely wins out and
while my dreams have taken on
a tad more drama, the New Normal cast

has yet to confront me in my long gone workplace
wearing PPEs, spraying Clorox on my desk, or
shooing me to stand six feet back.

I still wake up refreshed and annoyed
by the routine cackles of Clarence and Clarke
the crow twins who bicker in the pecan tree

outside my bedroom window.
Everything's normal, old normal,
when I turn on the light and roll out of bed.

It doesn't take much to jolt me awake
to the new, though,
when I leave the room

and see on the bathroom sink
the cheap paper towel roll
where the toilet paper used to sit.
                                                                                                            m.d. paust


  1. oh if only we could go back to the old, normal routine.

    1. I'm with you, Neeru, but with deep gratitude for making it through, and a new respect for physical hygiene!