Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lit Dick Intermittent Award laureate Margaret Gunning

Lit Dick
Lit Dick is proud to present Canadian novelist Margaret Gunning as today's Lit Dick Intermittent Award laureate for her impassioned exposĂ© of the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins's secret life. Click on the poet's name here to discover what Gunning unearthed online and from her artistic intuition to bring to light a side to Hopkins that had been only suspected by aficionados and which is still technically unproven.  

Gunning is the author of two published novels -- Better than Life, the suspenseful tale of a quirky extended small-town Canadian family, and Mallory, the story of an adolescent girl struggling to find herself during the blossoming of her sexuality -- and a third novel, The Glass Character, about the life and times of silent screen comedian Harold Lloyd, for which she is currently seeking representation and a publisher.