Sunday, April 21, 2013

A couple of poems






Ego bereft of consistency
Betrays a heart hungering to toll.
Unable to trust its will
Or harbor imaginary gods,
It gains a hold melding into a role whose proven viability
Can give convincing cover
To buy time to fabricate
An identity that feels unique,
Yet not so much so
As to strand it in the cosmos
Bereft of soulful company.



Cat Eyes at Wally World


Deadly in the grocery aisles
Where they wait
To strike
After toying with tentative prey
Luring with surrogates their hidden carnivorous power
Quiet, allowing implicit swagger in the dress,
Forward cap tilt reveals enough brown hair gleam,
Sleek cheek
To quick sidelong stares,
Bolero vest
Easy jeans
Ambush set at cross-aisles
Prey has not forgotten indelible impression
Knows a head-on look's expected
To avoid collision
Accept one...