Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Los Tres Gatos

River and his two younger sisters are looking for a home. Well, actually, they don't wish to leave the wooded paradise and welcoming house in Gloucester where they've lived most of their lives. Nor do we, their human companions, wish to part with them. But we're selling the house and have no idea yet where we'll end up. More than likely they won't be able to go with us. It will be a sad, traumatic separation for us all.

 Where's the food already?
Let's start again. We, the human companions of River and his two...actually, they're not his sisters, but the three of them definitely act like siblings...are hoping some cat-loving people will welcome our three delightful desperados felinos into their home. We're in denial about what might happen to these guys if they can't find a new friendly place to live.

Vitals: All are up to date with all shots, neutered and in excellent health.

River ~ 8 years old, an orange tabby, gentle, shy, the Ferdinand of tomcats.
Jax ~ 3, short-hair mixed breed, cute as a button, loves to roll on her back for attention.
Sweetie ~ 3, Russian Blue (mostly), affectionate, follows me everywhere when I'm in the yard.

 Sweetie nuzzles Jax, who refuses to perform for the camera

These guys are litter-box trained but spend most of their time outdoors. The two girls are rescue cats and have been together since they were tiny. Jax was rescued from a pipe into which she had crawled and become trapped. She and Sweetie have a little ritual they perform each morning while waiting for me to put food in their dishes. Sweetie nuzzles Jax's neck and Jax occasionally acts as if she's being mortally attacked, rearing up and waving her paws threateningly. Yet she purrs loudly throughout the little skirmish. They need to stay together. It would break my heart (and theirs) if we had to split them up.

 River rises from his nap in the fig tree pot

Please contact me if you wish to come by and meet them.

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