Thursday, June 19, 2014

First Shot (4)

The Stones and Lila were beginning dessert—a peach pie Lila had made from scratch--when Mary Lloyd called.
“This a bad time?”
“Not at all, Mary. We just finished dinner. What's up?”
“You're still eating. Chewing something. I'll call later.”
“No, really. It's dessert. Lila made a peach pie. You wanna come over? I'll save you a piece.”
“Thanks, Blow, but Belinda and Charles are visiting, with the kids. Grandchildren trump pie, I'm afraid. Bring me a piece by the office tomorrow?”
Blow laughed softly. “I'll bring two pieces, but you'll hafta supply the ice cream.”
“Hmmmmm...well, OK. Guess what I heard today?”
“That I'm representing one of the reenactors.”
“Andrew Salzwedel. How did you know?”

“Deductive reasoning. You're a better reporter than Mel, and the only name Mel had was Gunther's. Ergo--”
“Ergo, you should be a detective. Thanks for saying that about Mel, by the way. But then the Herald's a daily. He didn't have any time to do much reporting.”
“You work sources better. You got me to give up the name of my client without even trying.”
“Ha. That's just 'cause you wanna get in my pants.”
“Well what?”
“Well, that's one, journalistic device Mel could never use, on me anyway.”
“You think I'm flirting with you? Just to get information?”
“That's two questions. First, I'll quote Phil Collins: There's something in the air. Two, there's really only one way to find out.”
“I said Gulp. Like it used to say in the comics. On Facebook now it's THUD. With brackets around it, like...the sound you make when you fall on the ground in shock.”
We're kinda beating around the bush here, aren't we.”
Well, somebody sure the hell is, Blow.”
I thought I was pretty direct, especially with the double entendre.”
Are you blushing?”
Now I am. All I hafta do is think about it.”
Blushing. I'm practically albino, you know. Give myself away at the mere notion of giving myself away.”
We'll hafta play poker sometime.”
I get the feeling that's what we're doing. Right now.”
And I'm winning.”
You'd take all my money, Mary. And I'd love every minute of it.”
I hope Belinda's not eavesdropping.”
Nah, they're in the livingroom playing Candyland. Can't you hear the kids giggling?”
So you got the names?”
Morris gave me the roster of the whole group, Mercer's Company. Phone numbers and email addresses. He owed me a favor.”
Can you copy it for me?”
Can I quote you as Salzwedel's attorney?”
You drive a hard bargain.”
I know. Can I?”
You've talked with him?”
Yeah, that's how I found out about you. He said I needed to go through you.”
Oh, mercy. If I go back into the kitchen blushing like this they'll ride me all night.”
Oh, mercy me. That's the slowest softball anyone has ever pitched to me, Blow. I could knock it outta the park with my eyes closed. But you asked for mercy, so mercy it is. So can I quote you?”
Let's wait a day or two. See what happens.”
Oh, you're a hard man...hahahahaha.”
Go play Candyland.”

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